27 Free Kindle Books and 24 Kindle Book Deals for Thursday Afternoon, April 18, 2013

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Disclaimer: Prices Change. It’s 5:50 pm EST and all books were free FOR EVERYONE in the US (you didn’t have to have Prime). Please check the Price BEFORE buying – especially if you are reading this post on Friday, April 19.

Please see bottom of post for the meaning of *, **, ***.

Credits: Jake, Official Kindle Forum.

Free Kindle Books – Full List at Amazon

Free Kindle Books – Romance

  1. Tangled Dreams by Jennifer Anderson. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Coming of Age. Rated 5 stars on 4 reviews. 313 pages.
  2. *** [Free Book of the Afternoon] [Repeat from August, 2012] Tuesday’s Child (Book 1 of Psychic Visions) by Dale Mayer. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Suspense. Rated 4.5 stars on 127 reviews. 326 pages.
  3. Be Good by Dakota Madison. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Spicy. Rated 4.5 stars on 10 reviews. 208 pages.
  4. Lord of Devil Isle by Mia Marlowe and Connie Mason. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Historical. Rated 4.4 stars on 16 reviews. 322 pages.
  5. ** [Repeat from October, 2012] November Surprise by Laurel Osterkamp. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Political. Rated 4.3 stars on 50 reviews. 179 pages.
  6. ** [Repeat from May, 2012] Family Ties (Sunset Crescent) by Louise Behiel. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Contemporary. Rated 4.3 stars on 46 reviews. 297 pages.
  7. * [Repeat from April, 2012] Betting on Hope by Kay Keppler. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Humor. Rated 4.3 stars on 23 reviews. 299 pages.
  8. Kallos by Khelsey Jackson. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Fantasy. Rated 4.2 stars on 16 reviews. 204 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Thrillers & Mysteries

  1. The Psalter by Galen Watson. Price: Free. Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Inquisitors, Untraditional Christianity Warning. Rated 4.9 stars on 7 reviews. 394 pages.
  2. When God Blinks by Dalon Cantrell. Price: Free. Genre: Mystery, Crime, Coming of Age. Rated 4.8 stars on 12 reviews. 237 pages.
  3. * [Repeat from October, 2012] The Color of Greed by Jack Thompson. Price: Free. Genre: Mystery, Private Eyes. Rated 4.3 stars on 29 reviews. 197 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Christian

  1. The Hidden Son (The Cayman Islands Trilogy) by Dianna T. Benson. Price: Free. Genre: Christian, Religious Fiction, Romance, Suspense. Rated 5 stars on 5 reviews. 340 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Fantasy, Science Fiction & Horror

  1. * [Repeat from August, 2012] Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan by Jeremy Marshall and Jeremiah Kleckner. Price: Free. Genre: Fantasy, Historical. Rated 4.9 stars on 17 reviews. 145 pages.
  2. The Wolf Tattoo by Kenneth Fore. Price: Free. Genre: Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Set in the Alaskan Wilderness. Rated 4.8 stars on 4 reviews. 336 pages.
  3. Chronicles of the Vampire Hunters: Creation by Dustin J. Palmer. Price: Free. Genre: Horror, Action & Adventure. Rated 4.7 stars on 6 reviews. 196 pages.
  4. Faculty of Fire by Alex Kosh. Price: Free. Genre: Fantasy, Urban, Paranormal. Rated 4.4 stars on 22 reviews. 489 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Historical Fiction

  1. * [Repeat from July, 2012] Gold Under Ice by Carol Buchanan. Price: Free. Genre: Historical Fiction, Set in the Montana Territory at the time of the Civil War. Rated 4.7 stars on 19 reviews. 410 pages.
  2. ** The Camp by Greg Hair. Price: Free. Genre: Historical Fiction, Jewish, Set in Poland in 1943. Rated 4.3 stars on 41 reviews. 310 KB.

Free Kindle Books – Children & Young Adult

  1. His Black Wings by Astrid Yrigollen. Price: Free. Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy. Rated 4.4 stars on 33 reviews. 364 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Various Genres (Fiction) including Adventure

  1. Rain on Your Wedding Day by Curtis Edmonds. Price: Free. Genre: Literary Fiction, Southern Gothic. Rated 4.7 stars on 6 reviews. 284 pages.
  2. The Thin Pink Line by Lauren Baratz-Logsted. Price: Free. Genre: Women’s Fiction, Humor, May not be for all tastes but Kirkus gave it a starred review and Publishers Weekly called it hilarious and original. Rated 3.4 stars on 128 reviews. 304 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Non Fiction

  1. From Pebbles to Pathways: A Journey of Healing the Heart One Insight at a Time by Donna M. Thomas. Price: Free. Genre: Non Fiction, Memoir, Personal Growth & Inspiration. Rated 5 stars on 16 reviews. 388 pages.
  2. How to Design Your Perfect Interior by ASID and Gail Doby. Price: Free. Genre: Non Fiction, Home & Garden, Interior Design. Rated 4.8 stars on 18 reviews. 200 pages.
  3. Get Paid for Your Creativity — 17 Ways to Get More Clients by Rodney Washington. Price: Free. Genre: Non Fiction, Small Business & Entrepreneurship. Rated 4.7 stars on 9 reviews. 89 pages.
  4. ** Easy Weight Loss Yoga: 12 Best Poses to Get Lean, Strong and Calm by Patricia Bacall. Price: Free. Genre: Non Fiction, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Yoga. Rated 4.5 stars on 43 reviews. 62 pages.
  5. Crepes — the “all-you-need-to-know” complete guide to making crepes by Carme Sevenster. Price: Free. Genre: Non Fiction, Cooking & Food. Rated 4.5 stars on 12 reviews. 42 pages.
  6. Clean Eating Food Recipes to Detox and Lose Weight by Shae Harper. Price: Free. Genre: Non Fiction, Health, Fitness & Dieting. Rated 4.4 stars on 10 reviews. 90 pages.
  7. Mashitta! A Collection of Simple South Korean Recipes by Cooking Penguin. Price: Free. Genre: Non Fiction, Cooking & Food, Asian. Rated 4.3 stars on 6 reviews. 81 pages.

Deals after this point.
####### Kindle Book Deals – NOT Free, Just CHEAP ########

PLEASE check prices BEFORE buying. These were all deals at 5:50 pm EST – However, prices change.

Kindle Daily Deal – Today’s 4 Amazon-recommended Kindle Daily Deals:

Kindle Book Deals – Thrillers & Mysteries

  1. *** [Was $8.28 in January — Now $4.99] The Black Box (A Harry Bosch Novel) by Michael Connelly. Price: $4.99. Genre: Mystery, Police Procedural. Rated 4.3 stars on 1,888 reviews. 416 pages.
  2. Antiques Bizarre (Trash ‘n’ Treasures Mysteries) by Barbara Allan. Price: $1.99. Genre: Mystery, Women Sleuths, Cozy, Well-Reviewed. Rated 4.2 stars on 24 reviews. 241 pages.
  3. *** Zero Day by David Baldacci. Price: $3.99. Genre: Thriller, Suspense. Rated 4 stars on 742 reviews. 460 pages.
  4. *** What Doesn’t Kill You by Iris Johansen. Price: $3.99. Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Action & Adventure. Rated 4 stars on 135 reviews. 413 pages.

Kindle Book Deals – Fantasy, Science Fiction & Horror

  1. *** [Now $6.49] This Book Is Full of Spiders: Seriously, Dude, Don’t Touch It by David Wong. Price: $6.49. Genre: Horror, Humor, Well-Reviewed. Rated 4.8 stars on 575 reviews. 417 pages.
  2. *** Sacre Bleu: A Comedy d’Art by Christopher Moore. Price: $5.99. Genre: Horror, Occult, Art History, Humor, Well-Reviewed. Rated 3.9 stars on 282 reviews. 421 pages.

Kindle Book Deals – Children & Young Adult

  1. *** The Black Cauldron (The Chronicles of Prydain) by Lloyd Alexander. Price: $4.98. Genre: Young Adult and Preteen, Fantasy, Epic, a Newbery Honor Book. Rated 4.7 stars on 142 reviews. 195 pages.
  2. *** The Book of Three (The Chronicles of Prydain) by Lloyd Alexander. Price: $4.98. Genre: Young Adult and Preteen, Fantasy, Epic. Rated 4.6 stars on 293 reviews. 207 pages.
  3. *** Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins. Price: $1.99. Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal. Rated 4.5 stars on 256 reviews. 464 pages.
  4. *** [Was $3.99 in March — Now $2.99] The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. Price: $2.99. Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Publishers Weekly, Kirkus and Booklist Starred Reviews, Called Masterful by Kirkus. Rated 4.4 stars on 332 reviews. 416 pages.
  5. *** The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne Valente and Ana Juan. Price: $4.98. Genre: Young Adult and Preteen, Fantasy, Amazon Best Book for May, 2011, Publishers Weekly, Booklist and Kirkus Starred Reviews, Splendid Illustrations. Rated 4.4 stars on 155 reviews. 288 pages.
  6. *** Etiquette & Espionage (Finishing School) by Gaila Carriger. Price: $4.99. Genre: Young Adult and Preteen, Fantasy, Historical, Steampunk, Action & Adventure, Publishers Weekly, Booklist, School Library and Kirkus Starred Reviews. Rated 4.4 stars on 127 reviews. 320 pages.
  7. *** “Who Could It Be at This Hour?” (All the Wrong Questions) by Lemony Snicket. Price: $4.99. Genre: Young Adult and Preteen, Mystery. Rated 4.2 stars on 143 reviews. 253 pages.
  8. *** [Was $2.99 in July — Now $1.99] Variant by Robison Wells. Price: $1.99. Genre: Children, Science Fiction, Adventure. Rated 4.2 stars on 134 reviews. 389 pages.
  9. *** Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris. Price: $1.99. Genre: Young Adult, Thriller, Romance, Paranormal. Rated 4.2 stars on 130 reviews. 464 pages.
  10. *** Wings by Aprilynne Pike. Price: $1.99. Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Fairy Tale. Rated 4 stars on 299 reviews. 308 pages.

Kindle Book Deals – Various Genres (Fiction) including Adventure

  1. A Single Thread (Cobbled Court Quilts) by Marie Bostwick. Price: $2.99. Genre: Women’s Fiction, Family. Rated 4.7 stars on 23 reviews. 344 pages.
  2. *** [Now $7.99] The Round House by Louise Erdrich. Price: $7.99. Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Coming of Age, Political, Winner of the National Book Award for Fiction. Rated 4.3 stars on 1,188 reviews. 341 pages.
  3. *** Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. Price: $4.99. Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Humor, Publishers Weekly Starred Review. Rated 4.3 stars on 742 reviews. 337 pages.
  4. *** The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks. Price: $3.99. Genre: Literary Fiction. Rated 4 stars on 917 reviews. 310 pages.

Kindle Book Deals – Non Fiction

  1. *** American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. History by Chris Kyle, Scott McEwen and Jim DeFelice. Price: $4.99. Genre: Non Fiction, Autobiography, Military. Rated 4.4 stars on 2,273 reviews. 461 pages.
  2. *** Most Talkative: Stories From the Front Lines of Pop Culture by Andy Cohen. Price: $4.99. Genre: Non Fiction, TV, Entertainers. Rated 4.4 stars on 251 reviews. 288 pages.
  3. This Child Will Be Great: Memoir of a Remarkable Life by Africa’s First Woman President by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Price: $1.99. Genre: Non Fiction, Memoir. Rated 4.3 stars on 32 reviews. 386 pages.
  4. ** The Billy Bob Tapes: A Cave Full of Ghosts by Billy Bob Thornton and Kinky Friedman. Price: $2.99. Genre: Non Fiction, Memoir, Essays. Rated 4.2 stars on 56 reviews. 325 pages.
  5. *** A Natural Woman by Carole King. Price: $4.99. Genre: Non Fiction, Memoir. Rated 4 stars on 113 reviews. 475 pages.


What do Stars next to Free Kindle Books mean?

* – Recommended.
*Books are Books that have one or more of – 4.5 stars rating on 10+ reviews, great description and cover, promising premise.

** – Strongly Recommended.
**Books are Books that have one or more of – 4.5 stars rating on 50+ reviews, 4 star rating on 100+ reviews, very promising description, very promising premise.

*** – Get it Now!
***Books are The Very Best. These are books that have 4.5 stars rating on 100+ reviews.

[Pick of the Day]/[Pick of the Week] – Book that stands out even amongst the *** ones and ** ones.

Wild Card Pick – Not enough reviews but we think it’s a winner. That over time it would be * or **.

Wild Card – Not enough reviews but sounds good.

True Wild Card – No reviews but interesting.

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Credits: Official Kindle Forum.

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